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Off The Block

Off The Block is an economy SMP server with custom plugins and custom enchantments! We’re a tight-knit community and love having new players.

Play on the server and join us!

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Who are we?

Off The Block first started in 2020 (pre-pandemic) as an impulsive side project. Over time, the server amassed a notable amount of players, eventually leading to the point of averaging 10 to 15 concurrent players online throughout each day. This first version of Off The Block was later shut down after the owner, Ryn, began suffering health problems that made managing a server difficult.

After four years, Off The Block is back up and running again. While we are still in the process of rebuilding what used to exist, many old players from the original Off The Block have come back and many new players have joined and become a part of our family.

We're all so happy to have this community again. It has been and is a lot of fun, and we're honored to be back.


Voting helps the server a lot! The more votes we receive, the higher up our server appears on server listing sites. This means more players and more fun!

Make sure popups are enabled for the "open all" button to work.

Don't forget to join our discord!


Off The Block has two donation packages: "Off The Block Donor" and "Donate What You Want!"

Off The Block Donor

This package gets you the donor rank in-game. You gain $10,000, a special donor prefix, a custom prefix that you can set to whatever you want, the ability to put pictures on maps and hang them up, the ability to use chatcolors anywhere, and more. View the full list of donor perks at our shop or by running the /donorperks command in-game.

Donate What You Want!

This package does not award the donor rank, but helps the server out and keeps us running! There is no minimum required donation; you can donate whatever amount you want.


The absolute best way to contact Off The Block is by joining our Discord and messaging staff, but we also have an e-mail account that we monitor ( The links for both can be found here.